How is International Women’s Day helping to eliminate violence against women and girls?

Throughout history, women have questioned the status quo; highlighting injustice and protecting the rights of others. Their tenacious attitude was at risk to their own safety but resulted in major movements within social, economic, cultural and political matters to bring equality to all genders.

However, despite the huge steps forward, one in 3 women worldwide still experiences violence in their lifetime – emotional, verbal or physical. Often, at the hands of someone they know, whom they believe loves them. We hope this year’s IWD highlights these staggering statistics, as well as our ongoing journey to defend women and girls’ basic rights – to be heard and to be safe.   

What is International Women’s Day (IWD)?

On the 8th of March, we globally unite to celebrate International Women’s Day, recognising the progress and achievements of women. From the single mum to the CEO activist, we share the efforts being made to create a better and equal world for all. Although different sources vary on when the first official ‘Women’s Day’ took place, the important part is that it did! Since the early 1900s, resilient Suffragettes took to the streets to support women’s rights for equal pay, voting and safety for women and girls. Fights which, albeit have progressed, still

have further to go. Days such as IWD and campaigns including the #metoo movement keep the spotlight on these topics, championing women’s rights worldwide.

Embracing equity and equality in 2023

Every year, IWD has a dedicated theme, focusing on a particular issue, priority or agenda. The chosen campaign theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Embrace Equity’. With the aim to create an inclusive world where everyone feels respected and valued.

No matter how big your world may be, from a local village community to a million social media followers, it’s about taking those small moments of change and activism to challenge discrimination. Domestic abuse cases are often hidden away but through the efforts of IWD and supporting charities, we can collectively increase awareness of ending violence against women and girls with a wider audience.

How is EVE acknowledging IWD?

This International Women’s Day, EVE are embracing equity; using our platforms, helplines and refuges to reassure women and girls they’re not alone. We provide safe locations with trusted team members who can support survivors whether they’re in an abusive relationship, trying to leave or have already left.

For survivors, with or without children, we offer The Restored Programme: a rehabilitation programme which creates a secure environment to build a sense of belonging. Along with The Evolve Programme which works with perpetrators of domestic abuse to look at their reasoning and understanding behind why they use violent behaviour towards others.

We’ll also be attending this year’s International Women’s Day event, taking place at the Guildhall, Northampton, on Saturday 4th March, to highlight our ongoing work within the community.

Beyond the 8th of March

International Women’s Day is more than just a 24-hour celebration. It’s an opportunity to catapult change; identifying the threats women face daily such as catcalling, verbal abuse, physical harm or sexual harassment, and creating a safer world for women and girls. Empowering them to take control of their own lives as well as being able to identify and leave toxic relationships.

To continue the message of IWD, we need allies. Big or small actions that share the message of equity can make a huge difference and these can include:

  • Following Eve’s social media
  • Liking and sharing posts
  • Reporting abusive or discriminative behaviour
  • Identifying controlling, coercive and abusive behaviour
  • Volunteering with a female-focused charity
  • Fundraising for a female-focused charity

Contact EVE

Here at Eve, we have a team of fully trained individuals whom you can contact 24/7 for domestic abuse-related matters. We provide supportive solutions and safe refuge for female victims and children affected by domestic abuse.

Contact times and support available for domestic abuse-related matters:

  • 9am -5pm – Helpline: General enquiries, information, advice and guidance
  • 5pm – 9am – Out of Hours Emergency Support
  • 9am – 10pm – Silent Solutions: text us on 07827 239 496 or email us at