An initial assessment of whether the family fit criteria for SHE:

    • Domestic abuse experienced

    • Perpetrator of abuse willing to commit to a programme that addresses his offending behaviour

    • Partner details supplied on entrance to programme to offer support

    • Children living in the family home

    • Families living in Northamptonshire

    Brief details of the family situation are required in order to assess if we can help.

    Information disclosed during this Eligibility Enquiry will be held by SHE and used for their monitoring purposes. This information will also be shared with outside agencies, although the name of the applicant will be kept confidential. Confidentiality will be overridden by disclosures or causes of concern of Child Protection matters, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults issues or illegal activities. The applicant must agree to this process as part of our Data Protection policy before continuing with the process. Refusal to answer questions will mean that we will be unable to continue the application process.

    Applicant agreed:

    The SHE Project will empower women and girls to take control of their lives by preventing their future victimisation through delivery of a holistic programme of support for families who are affected by domestic violence and abuse.

    The SHE Project aims to:

    1. Enable women and girls/children to live free of abuse and understand how to keep safe.

    2. Reduce levels of domestic violence in families by enabling male perpetrators to understand the impact of their behaviours on partners and children and to change these behaviours and the values that enable them.

    3. To provide clear pathways for access to appropriate services for each client group.