LOCATION:                  NORTHAMPTON


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Coordinating all perpetrator programme delivery including Evolve (28 week) Behaviour Change Programme, Make A Change (10 week) Early Response programme and Dating Detox Young People’s programme. 

WORKING ARRANGEMENTS: The DAPP Coordinator will be required to work flexibly 37 hours per week worked over 5 days.  Some unsocial/out of hours/evening work will be required.

This is a two-year fixed term post in the first instance.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THE POST: The DAPP Coordinator/s will work to coordinate the delivery of a trauma informed service as part of the SHE project. Working as part of a team, you will work with male and female perpetrators of domestic abuse in order to end/change their abusive behaviour whilst putting the safety of women and children first.

Alongside colleagues within Eve and partner organisations across the county, you will ensure a collaborative approach to all aspects of service delivery by:

  • Contributing to the effective delivery of SHE (Safe, Healthy and Empowered).
    • Contributing to the evaluation of SHE, including supporting perpetrators to participate and collation of routinely collected data.
  • Support the achievement of contract Key Performance Indicators.
  • Work in partnership with colleagues to ensure a collaborative approach to delivery.
  • Health and Safety and Risk Management.
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external standards and codes of practice.
  • Be a role model of the values through own example.
  • Assist in the development of the service.


Our ideal candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of domestic violence, family support work and relevant training and experience in delivery and/or facilitation of DAPPs.  They will be able to demonstrate understanding of the requirement of a DAPP and understand the effects of Domestic Abuse on men, women and children, with the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary setting.


  1. Comprehensive understanding of domestic abuse and how it affects men, women and children with experience of working with perpetrators.
  2. Experience of facilitating group work programmes.
  3. Relevant training and experience in delivery/facilitation of DAPPs.
  4. Experience of working directly with a wide range of people in a service provider role.
  5. Experience of collecting and systematically recording management information and routinely collected outcome data.
  6. Risk assessment and management.
  7. Case management.
  8. Working collaboratively with partner agencies.
  9. Highly effective inter-personal and communication skills, with an ability to read, write and speak English fluently.
  10. Able to form working relationships quickly and work within professional boundaries with the proven ability to work effectively, cooperatively and flexibly with others both on a 1:1 basis and as part of a team.
  11. Competent IT skills in Word and Excel.
  12. Able to work effectively within a team to deliver programmes.


  1. Sensitivity to group dynamics and an ability to engage groups and individuals to participate fully in relevant programmes.
  2.  Integrity with the ability to cope well under pressure and be able to demonstrate self-control.
  3. Ability to maintain boundaries so that learning can take place within the group.
  4. Positive outlook and an ability to remain motivated.
  5. Able to work effectively to deadlines.


  1. Good standard of secondary education with qualification in GCSE English or equivalent.
  2. Excellent IT skills.
  3. Willingness and ability to undertake and pass the relevant training for Accredited Programmes (this may involve residential training).


  • Qualification in housing management, social work, nursing or teaching.
  • NVQ Level 3 or above.
  • A Level English Language or equivalent.
  • Recognised training in domestic abuse e.g., Safe Lives.
  • Ability to speak a second language.
  • Experience of working with a computerised case management system.


  • Support the development and review of policies and procedures, creating clear expectations and providing pathways for two-way communication, discipline and a safe, positive environment.
  • Support Development Manager in Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and Risk Assessment and Management; ensuring an excellent level of response to safeguarding and other safety risks and needs.
  • Support Development Manager to enable DAPP team to risk assess and manage all safeguarding work. 
  • Comply with data protection legislation, confidentiality and information sharing policy and procedures and all legislation connected to the work.
  • Ensure compliance with the Organisation’s equal opportunity and diversity policies.
  • Be free from any criminal conviction, which would conflict with the responsibilities of the post.
  • Be able to deal with information on a confidential basis.
  • The post holder will be required to undertake evening and weekend working and will have a full driving license, or the means to travel frequently and extensively throughout the county in order to deliver groups.


Development, delivery and monitoring of Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme (DAPP)

  1. Work with Development Manager to develop, enhance and expand the service. Representing Eve at external meetings, networking locally to develop contacts and services whilst raising SHE DAPP’s profile. 
  2. Work to ensure and maintain RESPECT accreditation of DAPP.
  3. Undertake specialised assessments (including risk) and management of Service Users and provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation.
  4. Work with the team, under the direction of Line Manager to ensure effective delivery against project outcomes.
  5. Responsible for developing and maintaining de-selection procedures and ensuring that these are followed correctly.
  6. Liaise with Police, Adult Safeguarding, Children’s Safeguarding and other statutory bodies as required.
  7. Undertake administrative duties as required, ensuring that all Service User data is collated and input into relevant systems to ensure that data on delivery is captured and reported in accordance with project outcomes and stated policies and procedures.
  8. Work effectively with colleagues and other partners to ensure that service users experience a seamless service.
  9. Undertake regular supervision meetings with DAPP staff in accordance with NVCFR policies and procedures.
  10. Ensure team members are fully trained in all aspects of delivery relevant to their role and the DAPP.
  11. Take a lead for the department on establishment and service initiatives and requirements including risk and assurance, equalities, audit and compliance and communication.
  12. Attend joint team/project meetings where required.
  13. Work with stakeholders to ensure project outcomes, grant expectations, best practice and learning is captured and used to develop delivery.
  14. Stay aware of trends and best practice in the delivery of DAPP.
  15. Manage recordings of DAPP group work.


  1. Work proactively to safeguard children and vulnerable adults.
  2. Respond to safeguarding and any other concerns in accordance with policies and procedures.

SHE Evaluation, Research and Development

  1. Contribute to internal and external research projects under direction and supervision.

Training and Development

  1. Take responsibility for continuing self-development and participate in training and development activities.
  2. Participate effectively and actively in monthly 121 meetings and annual appraisal activity.
  3. Undertake extensive training to ensure fully equipped to deliver DAPP effectively and to required standards.
  4. Attend and contribute regularly to team development days, staff meetings, supervision and other team events.


  • All employees have a responsibility and legal obligation to ensure that information processed for both Service Users and staff is kept accurate, confidential and secure and in line with the Data Protection Act (1988 and 2018) and Security and Confidentiality Policies.
  • Keep and maintain records both electronic and paper based as appropriate, according to policies and procedures and provide written reports where required.
  • Assist in the daily running and security of the service.
  • Cover staff holidays and sickness where required.
  • Any other duties as may be required by Trustees or managers from time to time.

Supervision Model

  • Development Manager supervises DAPP Co-ordinator every 6 weeks.
  • Non managerial group supervision provided every 6 weeks to Front Line Workers by DAPP Co-ordinator.
  • Development Manager supervises team staff every 12 weeks.
  • Team group Clinical Supervision every 4-6 weeks.
  • Practise Management every 4-6 weeks.

Team Staff:

DAPP Facilitator Team.

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