Implementing Change for Women and Children Then, Now, Forever.

2023 was an incredible year for eve; along with celebrating our 40th anniversary, we saw our vital domestic abuse services reach individuals looking for support – saving the lives of hundreds of women and children who have been living in abusive relationships.

But a lot goes on behind the scenes, with a dedicated army of workers, volunteers and partners offering their time, services and financial support, which allows us to continue our transformative work. All with the united goal of implementing change and ridding the world of violence against women and children.

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eve’s Achievements In 2023

We improved the safety of 100% of our service users

At eve, we offer three core programmes for women and children affected by domestic abuse: our Restored Programmed and our Children’s Programme, along with therapeutic, group work and keyworker sessions, and our Evolve Programme for people who want to change their abusive or controlling behaviours. Through essential funding, we were able to remove financial and transport barriers for many of our service users, allowing us to house 36 women and 26 children in our safe refuge and support 42 women and 78 children within the community.  We’re delighted to say that 100% of those who utilised at least one of these services reported an increase in their safety.

Increasing awareness across Northamptonshire

As a team, we’re committed to supporting the community locally and nationally. Whether that’s building key relationships with businesses to help develop staff, raising awareness of eve’s mission or holding events to educate people on the different types of domestic violence and the lasting impact it has. We delivered training to 166 participants, including professionals, community leaders and volunteers, as well as 22 bespoke courses and programmes.

In line with our 40th-anniversary celebrations, we also participated in a range of events and speaking engagements across Northamptonshire, including a charity skydive, a screening of Samantha Beckinsale’s ‘Love’ and being present during the #16daysofactivism where we met over 2.5 thousand people, attended nine events, gifted 150 goodies bags, shared five epic tubs of chocolates, handed out 1,000 leaflets and created 43 Facebook posts reaching over 3,000 people. We built great momentum in driving our awareness, and it is something we’re keen to keep growing in 2024.

Welcoming 20 new corporate companies

We can only offer these incredible services through essential funding and generous donations from our supporters. One area we’ve been eager to develop is our Corporate Gifting portfolio. By networking and partnering with influential businesses across Northamptonshire, we’re establishing foundations to build upon. Not only for the significant funding they provide but for the education and wider recognition from their connections.

Along with the funding we received from Children in Need and the Masonic Charitable Foundation, we’ve partnered with local supermarkets and food banks to support the cost-of-living crisis. Furthermore, we’re proud to announce we’re working with 20 new companies within the area to increase our financial diversity and help promote our activities.

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Providing accessible information to all

The key to sharing our message is ensuring our message is seen and heard by everyone. In 2023, we made a conscious effort to share vital information with those who need it. Whether that was networking with local businesses to make connections and expand our corporate portfolio, providing life-saving advice for those trapped in abusive relationships or sharing the amazing work from eve by illustrating where donations are being put to fantastic use. We’ve also increased our online presence through monthly blogs and social media posts to reach a broader audience and extend our message. Moving into 2024, we’ll continue to improve the accessibility of information with content such as newsletters, leaflets and more face-to-face events.

Receiving positive service programme results

Our service programmes are carefully curated to help women and children leave unhealthy relationships and allow them to transform their lives for the better. Through specialised therapies, techniques and professional support, 85% of women reported improvements to their physical, emotional and social health.

Challenges To Overcome In 2024

Although 2023 made headway towards a world without domestic abuse, there is still a long way to go. The Crime Survey for 2023 states that 51,288 domestic abuse-related crimes were reported in 2023, which, sadly, is a similar number to the previous year. Throughout 2023, we received 800 contacts from individuals impacted by domestic violence. This is just our charity; several other organisations would have also been contacted. Unfortunately, due to a lack of space, staff and/or funding, we were unable to support 150 of those who required our help.

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How You Can Support eve

Everyone deserves to live their life without fear. We have several ways to join our mission to end domestic abuse against every gender, such as:

  • A one-off donation
  • Regular donations
  • Fundraising
  • Follow and share our social posts
  • Volunteering

Speak to eve today about joining fellow local businesses with our Corporate Gifting portfolio or how you can donate or offer your services to help transform the lives of those impacted by domestic abuse.