Creche Volunteer: Children’s Area


ROLE TITLE                    Creche Volunteer: Children’s Area

LOCATION                   Northampton

SUPPORT                       Business and Marketing Manager

Working Arrangements:    

  • To attend designated area of volunteering as agreed with Business Manager in Volunteer agreement.
  • To be in sympathy with the ethos, vision & aims of eve
  • Arrive at area of volunteering 15 minutes before commencing responsibilities

Role Summary:

To work alongside employed Crèche staff to deliver agreed volunteering work including:

  • Children support and activities

Children and Young People’s Group Work:

  • Liaise with the Facilitator about what support they would like you to provide in the session
  • Safeguarding – If a service user shares with you anything which may indicate a child or vulnerable adult will be hurt, or someone is taking part in any illegal activities, you cannot offer confidentiality for this, check what you have understood the situation correctly with the service user, and let them know that you will need to share the information with the facilitators.  Update the facilitators at earliest opportunity.
  • At the end of the session ensure everyone has left the premises.

Personal Qualities:

  • Discretion and Integrity
  • Compassion and empathy with the client’s situation
  • Ability to act with integrity and respect when working with all clients, agencies and individuals
  • Flexibility and initiative where possible
  • An enthusiastic and positive approach

Health & Safety

  • With the support of employed Children’s area staff, to maintain health, safety and fire procedures in volunteering area.