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1981 – Our Story Begins

NVCFR started a mums’ and tots’ group at Standens Barn Youth House.  Although it was never publicised as being for any specific group of women and children, it mainly attracted families experiencing family violence.  Attendances were good and many families were assisted over a number of years.  

1984 – Our first refuge is opened…

In April 1984 NVCFR was able to open a refuge for three families on the Wellingborough Road in a house that had been purchased for renovation at our request by Leamington Spa Housing Association.  The good news was that the rent we had to pay was £15 per week; the bad news was that no […]

1987- Refuge is renovated and extended

The refuge was fully renovated in 1987 and was then able to accommodate five families.  NVCFR kept this refuge until July 2014, when in compliance with NCC Commissioners decision to reduce the number of refuge spaces in the county, we decommissioned the house.

1994 – Aftercare and Resettlement services born

We recognised that the support we were giving to women and children in our refuges was not enough, we needed to support them to move into their own homes, giving them the life skills they needed to manage a tenancy and live the lives they chose for themselves.  Women needed people they could trust to […]

1995 – First specialist group work programme

In 1995 we recognised that women needed to learn how to recognise potentially abusive partners and so we designed and delivered Breaking the Cycle, a programme based on the power and control wheel and the Deluth method. This programme enabled women to understand domestic abuse and how it impacted them and their families.  It was […]

2002 – First dedicated Children’s support work in the country

Help for children who have fled domestic violence with their mothers has always been a high priority for us. In July 2002 another pioneering work began when we were successful in obtaining Children’s Fund funding for a School Liaison Worker to work alongside children in the classroom, helping them to cope with the transition to […]

2006 – NVCFR purchases own building

In 2006 the organisation took a big step in the purchasing of a building to house the administration and Aftercare areas of the work under one roof, giving potential for further development of group work programme for both adults and children, and to provide a more streamlined service as an organisation. The Administration department moved […]