2002 – First dedicated Children’s support work in the country

Help for children who have fled domestic violence with their mothers has always been a high priority for us. In July 2002 another pioneering work began when we were successful in obtaining Children’s Fund funding for a School Liaison Worker to work alongside children in the classroom, helping them to cope with the transition to a new school along with their move to refuge.  The worker had access to local schools and worked alongside the teacher in the classroom for a period of time to bring some continuity and security to the children – as far as we were aware this was the only service of its kind in the country. 

Our children’s services are now much wider, working with child victims and witnesses of domestic abuse and their families to break the cycle.  Our Children and Young People’s Practitioners (CYPPs) are funded by Children in Need and other funders to deliver 1 to 1 and group support to children, young people and their families.  We work to increase self-esteem and resilience and re-build family relationships.  CYPPs work alongside mums to help them develop healthy routines for feeding, eating, sleeping and school as well as supporting those who have children on Child Protection Plans to reduce the need for professional interventions.